Recent Book Talk Presented by Local Author on her Presidential Book About Barack Obama

By Paulyne Morgan White

On a recent lovely autumn Sunday afternoon, Dr. Carrie Clements Johnson opened her 

palatial home to her Zeta sister and author, Dr. Alice Rhodes Hinsley, for a very informative and thought –led Book Talk event and successful Book Signing and purchasing of her new book, The Forty – Fourth. This engaging event resulted in a productive afternoon of a sumptuous catered dinner, inspiring discussion, and delightful comradery enjoyed by invited Epsilon Zeta Chapter quests, alumni of Morris Brown College, local pastors, various church members, an assortment of educators, and several family/friends of the author who gathered to participate in this special occasion in support of Dr. Hinsley as she launches her newly published presidential book. Indeed, everyone came away motivated to read and spread the word about this exceptional easy-reading presidential narrative. The press release below provides a glimpse of the essence of this presidential narrative about our forty-fourth president, Barack Obama. Despite all of the noise and bantering going on in the current Oval Office about the forty-fifth and the upcoming 2020 election , it is important to remember that among the deferred dreams in the African American struggle, Obama fosters that fulfillment of pride by our people upon his election as the forty –fourth, but actually, the first (African American) among forty –three other men elected president of the United States, lest we forget.


Presidential Book Pays Tribute to Obama Better Than Obama Avenue Petition

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While the Obama Avenue petition gives something for Obama enthusiasts and Trump protesters alike to rally behind, it might not honor our forty - fourth president properly.

Alpharetta, GA (August 30, 2019) – Clearly, New York City is not a fan of president Trump. A petition calling for the stretch between 56th and 57th Streets on Fifth Avenue to be re-named President Barack H. Obama Avenue, in honor of former president Obama and protest of president Trump, is now up to over 445,000 signatures. 

The petition to rename the street after Obama originally began as a joke, as Fifth Avenue is the same street where Trump Tower resides. Many supporters of the petition seem to be more enthusiastic about the street being renamed because of the message it would send to president Trump rather than how it can pay tribute to former president Obama. 

The book The Forty-Fourth: A Perspective on the Odyssey of President Barack Obama (2008–2016) with Reflections on Lincoln Parallels by Alice Rhodes Hinsley, EdD, celebrates the 44th president’s many accomplishments during his eight years in office. The book is a timely companion to the current events surrounding Obama Avenue and serves as a more positive way to acknowledge the accomplishments of the forty- fourth president’s leadership without deprecating the current president.

“I am thrilled at the possibility of streets or schools being named after a magnificent president like Obama,” says Dr. Rhodes Hinsley. “However, I hope those signing the petition would do it primarily to honor Obama’s legacy and not to express their anger towards president Trump.” The book is a work that demonstrates the relevance of yesterday and today’s unsettling times of division, partisanship, polarization,  violent crisis, and obstruction as related to social justice, and growing racial tension, all jeopardizing modern progress. Through colorfully written vignettes, Dr. Hinsley also details the personal and public lives of President Obama and President Lincoln and how their similarities of deliberative leadership style connect them. 

The Forty-Fourth: A Perspective on the Odyssey of President Barack Obama (2008–2016) with Reflections on Lincoln Parallels will be available at the upcoming Author Book Signing and Purchase ($16.99 plus tax) at Antioch AME Church, the Rev. Vandy C. Simmons, Pastor on September 29, 2019 after 10:00 a.m. Sunday worship service. This book is also available at Amazon, Apple iBooks, Barnes and and 


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Alice Rhodes Hinsley, EdD

As an African American woman, Alice Rhodes Hinsley,  who is unique in the field of presidential narratives, purposefully writes about Abraham Lincoln with admiration and understanding of Lincoln’s significant contribution to America. She states that the sixteenth president began the long, historic, and winding pathway that led to the fulfilling election event of the forty-fourth president: Barack Obama.

With Hinsley’s avid interest in presidential narrative, she engages in critical research/study in this subject area and is a member of the Lincoln Forum, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

She is an educator with decades of meritorious pedagogical skills in classroom experience at the secondary level, including leadership positions in teaching and learning areas of public school education. Additionally, she serves in higher education worked as an adjunct professor in general education and communication at Morris Brown College. Additionally, she served as the 25th president

at one of the legacy chapters of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. 

Dr. Hinsley lives in Atlanta, Georgia. She is the proud mother of one son, who is a member of the clergy and a military veteran.